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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimums to start my brand?
500 is the minimum to any product, Special types of packaging and products may be more.
What type of products do you have?
We have a myriad of formulas ready to be used for your custom brand. Anything from personal care to dietary supplements and tea, we can make a product for you that you're sure to love.
How do I choose my packaging?
We work with you to choose a packaging that works with your business and budget.
Do I need a Logo and label?
If you already have a name, logo, and label ready, that's great. If not, our team will work with you to create everything for you at an additional one time charge.
Do you offer samples?
Yes! We offer single samples of each of our private label products so that you can test it before committing to an order.

For any other questions or concerns, we are prepared to help. Feel free to contact us! Your dream is a phone call away.

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